Russian Cubic Zirconia
A simulated diamond of the highest quality. These stones look like perfect diamonds, are between a 8.5-9 in hardness, and won’t get cloudy with wear.

This collection is platinum over sterling silver and our trademarked line of jewelry, Stones are either Russian Cubic Zirconia or laboratory grown stones.

Gold over sterling silver. A wonderful price alternative to solid 14kt, 18kt, or 22kt. Wears very well when cared for like a pearl. (Avoid contact with soaps, lotions, household cleaners, chlorine, etc.)

Rhodium is a precious metal, plated over all of our white gold and sterling silver to enhance shine and color. This is an industry standard worldwide in jewelry, helping silver from tarnishing and white gold from having a subtle yellow tone.

Laboratory Grown vs. Simulated Stones

Laboratory Grown
Stones grown in a gem lab that are chemically, physically, and optically identical to stones mined from the earth.

Stones that have the appearance of a natural stone, yet are chemically different.
An example is cubic zirconia, which looks exactly like a diamond, but is not carbon based.

Stone Care and Information

Natural tanzanite, opal, and pearl are soft stones. We recommend avoiding contact with hard surfaces, household cleaners, and hair sprays, etc. Clean as necessary with ammonia free cleaner.

For questions regarding recommended care and/or cleaning of any of our other jewelry, please contact us.

Many natural stones are treated as industry standard. Unless specified, it is likely the stones are treated.

Diamonds in most of our pieces are SI 1-2 clarity and GH color.